December 2019

The Hickory: Sweet Pulled Pork Nachos, Fish & Chips, & Flat Rock Pizza!

School is winding down and it’s time to start prepping for Christmas! Let The Hickory take care of dinner for you.

Get the sweet pulled pork nachos for 1/2 off today! Piled high with fresh pico de gallo, house made nacho cheese, sour cream, green salsa, & jalapeƱos! Save over $4.50! Get 1/2 off the Alaskan cod fish & chips! Beautiful crispy golden Alaskan cod fillets over a bed of seasoned steak fries! Save over $5.50! Get 50% off any size of a 2-topping pizza at Flat Rock Pizza! Save up to $6.50 per pizza! *Deals valid 12/3.