July 2019

Red Balloon Fireworks: 60% Off ALL Fireworks! Mortars, Roman Candles, Bottle Rockets, & More!

‘Tis the season for fireworks! Be sure to stop by one of Red Balloon’s locations including a “Red Box” stand (Idaho legal fireworks) in Rexburg in front of the Valley Country Store! They also have another Red Box location in Idaho Falls in the Cabela’s parking lot. If you’re wanting to purchase the export-only fireworks, you can find them at the Red Balloon stand located next to the Vickers Western Store at 2749 Holmes Ave. in Idaho Falls.

Get 60% off ALL fireworks! Mortars, roman candles, bottle rockets, firecrackers, & more! *For export only and only at the 2749 Holmes Ave. location in Idaho Falls. The Red Box locations sell the Idaho-legal fireworks and are located in front of Cabela’s in Ammon and in front of the Valley Country Store in Rexburg. They are open through July 4th.