June 2018

Suited For Good: Giving away 20 suits to people in need!

One of the best things in the world you can feel is helping someone who is struggling. Suited For Good wants to help a guy in need. Whether it’s someone who is homeless, Veteran looking for a job, or just anyone who is down on their luck. Suited For Good is committed to giving a suit to help someone who can really benefit from it. Whether it be someone in your home ward, co-worker, neighbor or family friend. We all know someone who this would really help.

Suited For Good will be in Rexburg giving away 20 suits to people in need. Take part in the event by submitting someone you may know that is need of a new suit. Please fill out this link and volunteer someone you truly believe can benefit from Suited For Good. https://www.suitedforgood.com/individual-application-suit/.