November 2017
Idaho Falls

Lend Me An Ear Cellular: Port away from contract or other prepaid carriers today! FREE activation & $5 Bonus!

Lend Me An Ear Cellular, an authorized Verizon Prepaid Dealer, has a great offer for you! The time to port away from contract or other prepaid carriers starts today! Verizon Prepaid not only has carry over data for a month for the data you don’t use but it also comes with hotspot, international long distance, and text messaging. New family plans gets Unlimited International calls and text and has their own data without having to share. Once High speed data is used your data with throttle at 3G speeds unlike Page Plus and Straight Talk that only throttle at 2G Speeds.

Make the switch at Lend Me An Ear Cellular. Visit them at 563 S Woodruff Ave for more information on their plans. Receive your FREE activation when you show this ad and receive a Free $5 bonus activation card to use in their store!