February 2016

Great Harvest: Lemonade Sale Birthday Party!

Please join Great Harvest Bakery to celebrate the birthday of their store manager! In honor of her leaving “childhood” and entering into adulthood they are going to have one last childhood party… A Lemonade Sale!

All Day long on Saturday (2/13) you may purchase a Medium Blended Lemonade for only $1.50! You may add one or two flavors for this price as well! They have over 30 to choose from!

They will have fun questions to answer that all are centered around her birthday. If you guess them correctly, you will get a percentage off other items in-store depending on the question.

Plus, if you wear your hair up in a bun, or a black V-Neck T-Shirt to the bakery (her favorite things) you will get a discount of $1 off other items!