February 2014

SAW Watches: 15% OFF all online orders Fri-Mon OR come by the Dealio office

SAW stands for Swap-A-Watch, and they’re some of the coolest watches on the scene right now! Come check them out today at the Dealio office at 5 West 1st South, on the southwest corner of Center Street and 1st South, across from Scoops.

15% OFF all online orders Fri-Mon with coupon code “DEALIO15” OR drop by The Dealio office Friday from 1-5 pm to pick out your watch!

Visit their website at http://www.SAW-Watches.com/watches and their Facebook at fb.com/SAWSwapAWatch for more information.

SAW Watches are interchangeable watches allowing you to custom mix and match any color face with any color band to match your outfit or style.