February 2014

Romance Theater: “The Taffetas” | Feb. 13-15 @ 7pm

The Rexburg Community Theater and The Romance Theater are proud to present “The Taffetas” this Thursday through Saturday (Feb. 13-15) at The Romance Theater on Main Street at 7 PM each night!

Date night special through the weekend (Feb. 13th, 14th, and 15th)! Get 1 large popcorn and 2 free medium drinks with the purchase of 2 tickets.

“The Taffetas” is a musical revue set in 1956. Written by Rick Lewis with additional material by Arthur Whitelaw, it opened Off Broadway a full two years before its popular counterpart, “Forever Plaid.” The entire performance is set in a 1950’s Television Studio and surrounds the four singing Taffeta sisters, Kaye, Donna, Peggy and Cheryl, who are making their national debut on the real life DuMont network’s program, “Spotlight on Music.” A tribute to the girl groups of the 1950’s, “The Taffetas” pay tribute to the sounds of The McGuire Sisters, The Fontaine Sisters, and The Chordettes. Their professional future hinges upon their “Spotlight” performance. And if Ed Sullivan likes what he sees, he’ll be on the phone in a heartbeat. So spend an hour and a half with “The Taffetas,” their three-piece band, and remember what Sunday night television was like on your 12-inch black and white screen!