November 2013

Dando Amor Straw Maze Fundraiser: Fri & Sat

Now that Halloween is over, do you still wish you had something fun to do? Well you can still have a good time at the Straw Maze and for a good cause as well! This Friday & Saturday (Nov. 1-2) 100% off all proceeds from the Straw Maze will go to Dando Amor for the benefit of orphanages around the world! So join us tonight and tomorrow for a great time that benefits a good cause! (The Straw Maze is located at 7600 South 2000 West / Rexburg, ID 83440 | For more info visit their Facebook page)

100% of all proceeds from the Straw Maze will go to Dando Amor, benefiting orphanages around the world

* Dando Amor is a non-profit organizations dedicated to blessing the lives of underprivileged children and orphans all over the world.
Whether they are giving shoes to foster children here in the USA, feeding the starving children of Africa, or enrolling the children living in their own Dando Amor orphanage in Ecuador, Dando Amor is always striving to better the lives of some of the World’s most disadvantaged children.