September 2013

Farmers Market: Cabin Cornbread

Waking up to a cold bite in the air reminds us that winter is coming. Unfortunately the Rexburg Farmers Market doesn’t stick around through the winter, so as the seasons roll on make sure you’re taking advantage of this weekly market’s fresh produce while you can.

Cabin Cornbread is new this year at the Rexburg Farmer’s Market. They sell high quality, freshly packed mixes of cornbread and oatmeal that have no preservatives. The formulations for the mixes have been in the works for 10 years. They are wonderful! There are instructions on the back of how to prepare them and they offer several suggestions on adding variety. The cornbread is super moist and yummy, and the oatmeal will take a kid who doesn’t like oatmeal, into one that will ask for more.

Buy two bags of Cabin Cornbread or oatmeal mix and get 10$ off when you come to the market. Come check them out and get some free samples to try for yourself.