May 2013
Idaho Falls

Shaka’s: 6′ Foot Cake to Celebrate Chef Chris

Shaka’s in-house chef who imagines and creates the culinary delights found at their Sandwich Shack has hit his 1-year mark and is baking a cake of epic proportions to share with everyone. Between the hours of 4pm and 6pm Chef Chris will be cutting pieces of his 6-foot masterpiece to the satisfaction of everyone’s sweet tooth, along with a host of other goodies.

Today between 4pm and 6pm

Chef Chris will be serving his 6-foot cake

There are also games, prizes, free smoothie samples & free kiddie cones

…and last, but certainly not least, introducing…


The baby camel come to visit the patrons of Shaka’s and pose for their pictures in a continuing tradition from last year’s visit from Ralphie