April 2013

The Hickory: Belly Buster (1lb Burger), Fries & Drinks – $16.99 (feeds 4)

The only thing better than a fresh cooked hamburger, is a bigger fresh cooked burger and the folks down at The Hickory have the largest burger in town. Today you can get their Belly Buster 1LB burger, crate of fries and 4 drinks for $16.99 (regularly $20.99). Unless you have a giant’s appetite, be sure to bring your friends or family to help down this one.

Family Meal Deal – Belly Buster (1 lb. burger), full crate of fries & 4 fountain drinks for $16.99. (Reg. 20.95, feeds 4)

Also introducing a new seasonal salad: Spinach lettuce blend topped with sliced strawberries, blueberries, chopped bacon, feta cheese and grilled chicken. Served with a creamy raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Today only $8.49