January 2013

Rexburg: BOGO Crispy Chicken Ranchero w/ Mexifry Purchase

We know that there are those of you (myself included) that anxiously await today’s Dealio from Taco Time. They’re back, and it’s another round of delectable Mexican delicacies for you to enjoy!

BOGO Crispy Chicken Ranchero with Mexifry Purchase
$2.29 Green Chili pork Burrito
$1.50 Soft Flour Taco
$.79 BV Cream Empanada


The Paint Fight – Friday, Jan 25

If you ever thought your life could use a little more color in it, both literally and figuratively, then The Paint Fight is something you ought to check out.

Taking place on Friday Jan 25th at 8:00PM, some true partiers have rented a warehouse just past Wal-Mart and have gallons upon gallons of paint to spray around.
Check out their event page on Facebook for more information. To receive discounted tickets you can text “rexburg” to 53535.

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