August 2012

Rexburg: Large Super Supreme & 2 Drinks – $6.50

Regularly ringing up at $12, this Dealio is an absolute steal. For those unfamiliar with what a “Super Supreme” is, this is a culinary masterpiece stacked high with up to 10-toppings, and take home two fountain drinks to wash it down.

Kiwi Loco logo

Community Day at Kiwi Loco

Not one to leave anyone out, Kiwi Loco is saying thanks to the wonderful community that they’re apart of with a plethora of Dealios on their yogurt.

$1 –¬†5oz cups ¬†Filled with as many toppings/yogurt as you can fit (kids 12 & under)

$2 – 5oz cups (13 years & older)

50% – 16oz cups