January 2012

Buy Something, Get Another Free

You’re probably already aware of the secret our little town holds, but if you’re new to the area we’ll fill you in. We have the best Taco Time on the planet!┬áMaybe it’s that extra helping of love they put into every taco they make.

Today they’ll give you an extra order of whatever you want, for free. Nacho Grande, Crispy Ranchero Burritos, Sweet Pork Chicken tacos… buy one, get one! (Limit 1 Dealio per customer)


Dinner and a Movie

By request, Crazy Mike’s Video is extending their rental Dealio one more day. Rent a ‘top-100’ movie, get two movies from their regular collection free! That’s 3 movies for 5 days. Now we know you’ll have a nice weekend.

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