January 2012

$2 Milkshakes All Day

You know when you crumple up paper into a ball there’s a lot of space between the folds that’s just air? Well food does the same thing in your stomach, and that’s no good. Arctic Circle has the perfect solution to fill in those gaps with one of their 30 different milkshakes.

We upgraded our texting service

For those of you who prefer receiving Dealios by text, we have made a big change that we think you will enjoy. We have changed our phone number and system to a much more reliable and automated so you can count on when you will receive your text.

Please take a moment to subscribe to our new texting service, as we will be discontinuing the old system shortly.

Step 1 – Text the word ‘dealio’ to the phone number 41411

Step 2 – That’s it, just one step. We’ll discontinue the old list soon.