December 2011

$1.50 Crisp Burritos & Soft Flour Tacos

Every 4 months Rexburg enters a state of complete chaos with students coming and going from the city. That time is upon us again and our good friends at Taco Time want to make sure everyone is well fed as they start their Christmas break journeys.

Today they are having Dealios on two of their most popular items. Crisp Burritos (bean, beef or chicken) and Soft Flour Tacos for only $1.50. Don’t forget dessert with any empanada for $.69.

Kiwi Loco logo

Buy One Get One Free at Kiwi Loco

Kiwi Loco is running their most popular Dealio. Buy any yogurt and get another one free! Simple as that.

Enjoy the weekend everyone and, if you’re on the road, drive safe!

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