November 2011

Over half-off Chocolates

One of Rexburg’s most treasured gems are the sweet treats made at Florence’s Chocolates. Eating their silky smooth milk chocolate is an experience no one should go without for very long. If your chocolate quota needs to be met today is the day to do it.

These edible works of art usually sell for $18.75/lb, but for today’s Dealio they are selling them for only $8.95/lb! To break that down a little, it usually costs about 80¢ for one of their chocolate treats (including caramel, orange, haystacks etc.) but today’s Dealio allows you to get them for close to 30¢ a piece.

Arctic Circle Logo

Buy any item, get a small fry free at Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle’s crispy fries are cooked to perfection, and today they’ll give you a small fry for free with whatever you buy there. Yum!