October 2011

Buy One, Get One Free Day! Taco Time and Kiwi Loco

The title says it all. Today is an amazing value. All that we ask is you don’t keep it all to yourself. Grab a friend and share the joy of today’s Dealio.

At Taco Time buy any menu-item at regular price, and you get the same menu-item for free. Double the food for half the price! In addition to that they are giving Pumpkin Empanadas for 69ยข.


Kiwi Loco logo

Buy One Get One Free At Kiwi Loco

The good Dealios just keep piling up. In addition to everything at Taco Time today, Kiwi Loco is also giving a BOGO Dealio for their silky smooth frozen yogurt. Double up on toppings today, because one is free!

Taco Time logo