October 2011

Buy One Small, Get One Free

Fall is upon us, yet today’s Dealio is from Snoasis. You might be thinking, “How can this be, I thought they were only open during the summer.” This unfortunately was the truth for many years, but now that’s all different. Snoasis has opened a year-round location inside of Teriyaki Sticks. Now we can enjoy these shaved-ice creations to our heart’s content no matter the season.

Applebee'sGirl’s night at Applebee’s

Tonight at Applebee’s is a special night, indeed. A celebration of all things female, otherwise known as Girls Night Out. This special occasion gets a special Dealio, a free round of chips, salsa and lemonade (or soda). Get all that in addition to everything else going on with “Girl’s Night”

  • A surround-sound movie, girls choice
  • Door prizes for guys and girls
  • ½ off appetizers
  • $2.00 virgin daiquiris, margaritas, and piná colodas