October 2011

50 Chicken McNuggets, Drinks & Fries

Whether it’s your family, your roommates or just yourself (although eating this much food by yourself isn’t recommended) this meal is going to fill you up. McDonald’s is giving you 50,  yes fifty, Chicken McNuggets for $9.99. But wait, there’s more; for $5 more get 2 drinks and 2 large fries. That’s a lot of food for $15.

50 Chicken McNuggets
2 Large Drinks
2 Large Fries

Applebee'sDate Night Dealio: Thunder Alley Buy-One Get-One Free

Thunder Alley at Fat Cats is a great value alone, but tonight they’re giving a buy-one get-one free Dealio. This includes:

Unlimited Bowling
Unlimited Billiards
A free movie ticket
Shoes included
$8 for two people!