Five Creative Ways To Save Money For Traveling This Year


Over the last couple of years, people from all over the world are spending more and more money on traveling, and less and less on fun items. This is especially true for the millennial generation. Think about the last time you got on one of your social media accounts. How many posts were about a friend you know who traveled to China, Hawaii, or Mexico?  The trend that was once about having the coolest car, video game console, or most stylish dress, is now about making memories through travel.

Another question you might ask is, how can all my friends afford to travel, and how can I? There isn’t one simple answer to these questions. Some people might not actually have the money but do it anyways. Some people might have saved up for months. Regardless of how they do it, there are many creative ways you can save to do it also. Here are five creative ways to save money to travel to that dream location more often.

Sign Up for Rewards Credit Cards

One of the biggest expenses in traveling is the airline tickets. Plane tickets to many of the great tourism locations around the world cost anywhere between $500-$1200. During the last several years, many credit card companies have offered frequent flyer mile rewards to those individuals who expend monthly fees on their credit cards and pay them off. After one to two years, you can earn enough points to travel places for free.

If you have the discipline to put all your expenses on a credit card each month and not go over your monthly budget, then look into rewards credit cards. The key is being able to pay it off each month, or it’s not going to be worth it.

Open a Dedicated Savings Account

Another idea is to open a savings account that is dedicated only to traveling. Make sure in the initial setup stage to see if there are any balance penalties, and then set up automatic transfers at the beginning of each month. By setting up automatic transfers, you make sure you save for traveling or emergency savings,  and then the remaining amounts go towards other expenses. Each month your account will start to grow, and that money will be set aside specifically for traveling when the time presents itself.

The Trusty Change Jar

Perhaps the easiest and least recognized way of saving is by “collecting your pennies.” In the article Nine Creative Ways to Save for a Vacation, Ed Hewitt shared a story of when he took a large pretzel jar full of change to bank, and came home with about $500. The next time you have spare change, grab a jar and start putting your coins in it. You could have the same result.

Sell Your Stuff

When was the last time you walked through your home and noticed that you don’t use half of the things you own? Now’s the time to get rid of it all. Host a garage sale or go with the online route and post it all on craigslist, eBay, or Facebook garage sale groups. Facebook groups are very easy to use and reach a much larger audience.

Use Your Car to Make a Little Cash on the Side

One last idea is to use your car as a taxi to earn some cash on the side. With the new Uber app, you can easily create an account and easily find people looking for taxi services. The concept of the app is simple. People input their address, billing information, and desired location. The Uber driver sees the request and can claim it. Payment is made through the Uber app.

Top 5 Restaurants in Provo Utah That You Must Try



When you think of Provo or Orem, Utah, the first couple of things that probably come to mind are Brigham Young University or Utah Valley University. Both are well known for their sports programs and home to thousands of students. The last thing that would probably come to mind are great places to eat at. College towns are often full of fast food and traditional chain restaurants, not great “hole-in-the-wall” places. Despite the college town atmosphere, there are some unique  and delicious places to eat.

Below is a list of five of the best restaurants in Provo. Some of them are new and not as well known while others are more familiar.  Each one offers a variety of different dishes so be adventurous and enjoy.

Black Sheep Cafe

First is the Black Sheep Cafe. This restaurant prides themselves upon the standard of providing new food with wonderful service. Menu items are focused around southwestern and Native American food. The majority of food is made right there on the spot, and is fresh.

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India Palace

Next is India Palace. This restaurant offers a rare dininggreat-restaurants-provo-utah experience serving tasty Indian dishes in an fancy setting.  Each and every item is prepared as customers order, and are set at reasonable prices. India Palace has been awarded the Serving Award Winner since 2007, and is situated in the heart of Historic Downtown Provo.

Tucanos Brazilian Grill

Third is Tucanos Brazilian Grill. They offer a fresh meats and vegetables that are grilled and brought directly to customers tables. The meat servers continuously bring different meat and vegetable selections to the table. Tucanos is also famous for their salads and hot selections. There are also freshly made soups and much more.

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Communal Restaurant

Another great restaurant is Communal. Communal is a new American restaurant focused on fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. Communal makes this possible by partnering with the local farmers. Families are welcomed with open arms, and can expect to feel happy eating a good meal.

Brick Oven Restaurant

Lastly is the Brick Oven Restaurant. This restaurant is pretty simple, but extremely tasty. They are a pizza chain that serves all-you-can-eat pasta, soup and salad, and signature root beer.


6 Disc Golf Courses Near Rexburg

After five months of snow storms and below freezing weather, temperatures in the mid 50’s and 60’s are starting to re-enter Rexburg. With warmer weather, there are numberless ways to enjoy the wonderful outdoors this summer. However, with so many options available, how does a person choose what to do? If you feel this way, Disc Golf is a fantastic option.

Disc Golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of using clubs and a ball, players use discs (Frisbees). Players then throw the discs from the tees towards the course holes, which is basically an elevated metal basket.

There are two local Disc Golf courses and at least five other courses within 45 miles of Rexburg. Below is a list of courses by location, address, and the number of holes. These aren’t all of the courses available but a great start.

Rexburg, Idaho

1 ) Nature Park – 469 N 5th W Rexburg, ID (9 Hole Course)

First, is the Nature Park course. This course weaves its way through Nature Park and the grounds are well kept. Its features include grass, some small hills, and lots of trees.

2) BYU-Idaho Arboretum – 289 W 7th S Rexburg, ID (9 Hole Course)

Next, is the BYU-Idaho Arboretum course. This course is set up from April through October. College students and community members play fairly regularly on this course. Course features are mostly flat and lightly wooded terrain.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

3) Freeman Park – 1430 Willow Ave Idaho Fall, ID (18 Hole Course)

Another great course is Freeman Park. This course has a couple of creek crossings and the Snake River borders most of the course. It also has some hills and a practice basket.

4) McCowin Park – 3098 Southwick Ln, Ammon ID (9 Hole Course)

Following Freeman Park is McCowin Park. This course is short and in a park setting. Course features include trees, walkways, fences, and a hole just over 300 feet in length.

Driggs, Idaho

5) Teton Valley – 235 South 5th Street Driggs, ID (9 Hole Course)

This course has a great view of the Grand Teton mountains. The course features a skateboard area and lots of trees. Additionally, players will also experience hills, rocks, tall grass, small streams, and much more.

6) Grand Targhee Resort – 3300 E Ski Hill Road Alta, WY (18 Hole Course)

Finally is the Grand Targhee Resort course. This course plays through rolling aspen meadows at 8,000 feet. There are long holes, short holes, and everything between. Beginners and experts will be challenged on this course.

Last, but  maybe the most important of all: options for purchasing discs include Big 5 Sporting Goods and Walmart  (all located in Rexburg, Idaho).